About The Artist

Larisa Mamonova is a visual artist from California currently based in Berlin. Her recent artworks are dedicated to exploring contour drawing in a form of spontaneous lines. With the purposely limited medium options, Larisa has created works to showcase her imagination and bring the unusual beauty into the light. Throughout the collections, you will find minimalist figurative drawings made exclusively out of lines, most created with a felt tip marker and some with ink.

 "Creating art is how I channel my thoughts and feelings — it’s how I explore who I am. I make photos, I do graphic design, I write. But painting is the most direct and faithful expression of my soul. It is the truest way of communicating my inner universe out to the world. Being alone with my thoughts allows such discovery and understanding, I love spending time by myself: thinking, analyzing, researching, even obsessing. Over the last few years, since moving to Italy, I’ve had the great gift of so much of this time alone. I have been able to slow down and explore painting in a much deeper way. I have gained a new freedom by being alone in a new environment. I had to start over in terms of my career, as well as my identity — and it has been incredibly liberating. This newfound freedom was the result of stripping away parts of my life. The natural next step was stripping away from my creative process and my art in a similar way – to see if the same kind of freedom might emerge. I’ve spent years exploring various mediums and styles of painting, but now I decided to strip away: reduce the color, limit my mediums to ink and pens — I would explore the essential in art creation, starting with the line. For my subject, I would consider the entirety of a person and then strip away the complexity, reducing and simplifying to the essence, as with my life and with my process." - Larisa Mamonova